Indian Navy to seek Government approval soon for its second foreign aircraft carrier purchase

The Indian Navy is to approach the Indian government for its intent to acquire a second foreign aircraft carrier.

The Indian Times revealed that a dialog was ongoing between the Indian Navy and the Indian Government Officials regarding an alternative option against building the second aircraft carrier in the country. This next proposal is likely to be delivered by June or July 2018, a senior Navy Officer Said today.

Vice Adm SR Sarma (left) taking over as DGNP from Vice DM Deshpande (right)

Vice Adm SR Sarma (left) taking over as DGNP from Vice DM Deshpande (right)

Vice Admiral D.M. Deshpande highlighted there are unanswered questions from the Defence Ministry due to the large cost involved, however he added there was a lot of “positivity” and that both the Government and the Navy had a common desire to be clear on their requirements before taking a final decision.

“Right now there is a bit of question mark from the ministry’s side because we have taken this up with the ministry on a few occasions…it is a huge ticket decision, and before some commitments are made on allocation of their funds everybody wants to be very clear on the requirements…there are being addressed before we take that up with the government for final clearance” said Vice Admiral Deshpande.

India, which is currently operating its only aircraft carrier, the INS Vikramaditya, a modified Russian Kiev-class aircraft carrier is facing the strategic urge to replace the other aircraft carrier they retired on March 6, 2017, the INS Viraat – a British-built ship that served with the Indian Navy.

India requires at any time three aircraft carriers to cover each of its coasts and one to covers maintenance and refit time.

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