USS Carl Vinson : Episode 1 “The 70”

CVN-70 USS Carl Vinson Video: “The 70” – Episode 1

The team of the USS Carl Vinson published this video on October 12, 2014. It is a newscast that aims to communicate shipboard news and events to the crew of the USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70). The Carl Vinson and its embarked air wing, Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 17, are on deployment in the U.S. 7th Fleet area of responsibility supporting security and stability in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region.



Here is a transcript of the video for those who need it.

0:00I’m I see three deadly and you’re
0:02watching the felony
0:37it’s been more than two years since Carl
0:42Vincent has seen foreign waters we’ve
0:44been through carrier qualifications com
0:452x and JT FX but for the senior
0:48leadership on board the training isn’t
0:50quite finished petty officer Hansel
0:52Pinto sits down with members of the
0:54regional security education program from
0:56the Naval Postgraduate School to find
0:58out what makes the program so important
1:00to Carrier Strike Group one’s deployment
1:02in order to sustain Carrier Strike Group
1:04one’s readiness members of the regional
1:06security education program from the
1:08Naval Postgraduate School visited Carl
1:10Vincent Abreu senior leadership on
1:12history and geopolitical affairs of the
1:15Middle East South Asia Southeast Asia
1:17and China and the idea behind the
1:20program is to enable better operational
1:22decision making by acquainting senior
1:25leaders with the regional security
1:27environments in which they can expect to
1:29operate mark huber program manager for
1:32Middle East and Central Asia at the
1:34center for civil military relations at
1:36the Naval Postgraduate School led a team
1:39of experts in a series of briefs on
1:41topics affecting the 5th fleet area of
1:43responsibility I’m an associate
1:46professor for the asia-pacific Center
1:48for security studies in Honolulu Hawaii
1:50professor of history and director of
1:52interdisciplinary studies at Towson
1:54University and the University of
1:55Maryland system I’m a professor at the
1:58asia-pacific sentence security studies
1:59in Honolulu I am a political strategic
2:03analyst on South Asia is one way of
2:05describing me the education team spent
2:07eight days aboard Carl Vinson and
2:09conducted more than 24 briefs in which
2:12they shared a central regional
2:13information designed to raise Carrier
2:16Strike Group one’s cultural and
2:18political awareness preparing sailors to
2:20carry out America’s mission so we’re
2:22able to provide a portfolio briefings
2:25that is suitable not just for the areas
2:28where the strike group is expected to
2:29operate but also to prepare the strike
2:32group for any contingency operations
2:34than might develop it’s a program that
2:36serves is a rich and deep resource for
2:41all the elements of the strike group the
2:43education team shared how the program
2:45benefits sailors on deployment
2:47it’s good for you to be aware of what’s
2:49going on in India and in Pakistan and
2:51also in Afghanistan in these regional
2:54areas where the US has an interest in in
2:56the case of Afghanistan still has forces
2:58I gives them a really a broad
3:00brushstroke of the kinds of issues and
3:03that are pertinent to the region the
3:06asia-pacific itself the Middle East
3:07region and makes them aware of exactly
3:10what are the hot flash points the Shelf
3:14is the hot topics that are relevant to
3:18their practice as well the more that you
3:20know about the mission the more that you
3:22know about the region the more that you
3:24know but the cultures I think the
3:27greater the chances that we’ll both
3:30avoid incidents that we don’t wish to
3:32have but also the better will represent
3:35the country petty officer Hansel pintos
3:38USS Carl Vinson all right are we stand
3:44about ready for zone inspection what a
3:45mess you may answer Jackson its present
3:48space 05 tech when it’s your tech suit
3:51how’s it gone you think you get a pass
3:54I’d like you’re gonna pass let me out
3:57big old bag of trash maybe I should look
3:59around there’s a awesome the morning
4:02mess dirty space clean it up with 45
4:05minutes of cleaning station
4:12for good clean ship no matter what sweet
4:15in its infancy the US Navy borrowed
4:24heavily from the traditions and tactics
4:26employed by the British Navy now it’s
4:28our turn to lend a helping hand to our
4:30allies in England petty officer Alex
4:32King sat down with our British
4:33counterparts to discuss the training
4:35will receive all on board the British
4:37Navy is currently working to introduce
4:39an aircraft carrier into their fleet so
4:41where better to train their sailors than
4:43a board America’s favorite the RO Navy
4:45said about to bring in a new aircraft
4:48carrier into the Royal Fleet called the
4:51hms queen elizabeth it’s approximately
4:53seventy-five percent of the size of
4:55Covington no we haven’t had a ship this
5:00big in the Royal Navy ever so and having
5:03no fixed wing aircraft for the last four
5:05years on in the naval aviation world we
5:10are the fourth team to come out to a CVM
5:12to gain the experience from the UK us
5:16guys and absorb as much of the
5:19fixed-wing experience even involving
5:21cats and traps so that when we go back
5:23to the QE the hms queen elizabeth we can
5:26then push that experience out onto our
5:30flight decks so we can maintain a safe
5:32standard of aviation while on board
5:34these sailors will work side by side or
5:36air Department learn exactly how coral
5:38wins and gets the mission done this
5:40deployment I’m gonna be starting off on
5:42the bottom we start off initially
5:44looking from the vulture that looking
5:46down operations on the flight deck and
5:48once we’ve changed a vivid experience
5:50from looking there we then go onto the
5:51deck we do like you’re Chuck’s and your
5:53chains and from that once we’ve weighed
5:54that off we then go into the tractor
5:57driving and from tracks driving we then
5:59become you eyes on a director level and
6:01once we get to the wake and a stage we
6:02pass all the white assessments and pass
6:04the white boards we then go for your
6:06full director their presence and
6:08participation on deployment is proof
6:10positive of America and England’s
6:12commitment to partnership enhancing
6:14trust cooperation
6:16reporting for the 70 i’m petty officer
6:20alex king to continue our series Petty
6:27Officer Samuel Akane brings you a one
6:28minute exposure with our deployment
6:30resiliency counselor to discuss exactly
6:32how she can help you while on this
6:34deployment well I’m a representative
6:36from the fleet and Family Support Center
6:38I’m a licensed Marriage and Family
6:41Therapist and what I will be doing is
6:44working with the sailors as a counselor
6:46probably eighty percent of my job will
6:48be counseling another twenty percent
6:50i’ll be running groups and doing
6:52trainings across the board the the
6:56relationship dynamics whether it’s
6:58whether it’s with a romantic
7:00relationship whether it’s with friends
7:02whether it’s with coworkers whether it’s
7:04with with supervisors or supervisees i
7:08think a lot of the human relation
7:10dynamics are the same and so anybody can
7:14benefit from that so i would encourage
7:15anyone who is struggling in those areas
7:18to come in and see me and the way I see
7:22it is is kind of what I said earlier
7:24that when people start to fill accused
7:27blamed finger pointed at when that
7:31starts happening that’s going to shut
7:33communication down and people all you’re
7:36going to see are two defended people
7:37going at each other and there isn’t
7:38going to be progress people can come by
7:40and see me at the sarp office which is
7:43right across from medical they can also
7:46email me at a bet curry at CBN 70 Navi
7:51mill and my name is spelled Yve TT e CU
7:54RR IE
8:04Priscilla’s speech do i say i wanted a
8:08true deposit you gave me three colors
8:11don’t match I don’t you are my scrubs we
8:14can you listen get some attention
8:20on your own it’s so quiet in
8:51hey officer Gonzales nice job on those
9:04photos you heard her time for chow go
9:09enjoy your lunch
9:26what are those guys staring at are they
9:28staring at me that’s strange
9:35oh not this guy again hey gorgeous
9:40are you doing today did I guess listen I
9:44high at the gym knee of the day those
9:47squats on point
9:55does he have to do this every morning we
9:59were about after work tonight you let me
10:02get some drinks can I have plans come on
10:05it’ll be fun look at my place have a few
10:07drinks and could even spend the night no
10:11I I can’t I’ve got lots of work to do
10:13sorry all right hey called me I can I
10:18just have coffee in peace hey it’s not
10:22by your room last night you weren’t
10:24there let’s go speaking guys in fine leg
10:27told me I gotta go
10:41hey you all right I’m fine i don’t want
10:45to talk about it all right
11:00any seasoned sailor can tell you that a
11:04long deployment can mean a great deal of
11:06repetition as the days come and go in
11:08our next story petty officer james
11:10Guthrie takes a water break with the
11:11fifth boss to discuss some of the
11:13workout and fitness options that are
11:15available to the sailors aboard this
11:16mighty warship as the stress from being
11:19on deployment builds there are a variety
11:21of ways to stay positive implementing a
11:24regular workout routine is a great way
11:26to relieve stress and improve your
11:27physical wellness it’s definitely a
11:29lifestyle you can’t force people to come
11:32out in one workout it has to be
11:33definitely it’s a mental mindset you
11:35have to mindset to get up every morning
11:36or stay up late at night after your
11:38watch to go take it upon yourself to
11:40work out that’s where we offer you know
11:42classes for those we call health seekers
11:43who might not feel comfortable we would
11:46go out and work with someone one-on-one
11:48or do it by themselves that extra help
11:50it’s great because you’re with a group
11:52of people going through the same thing
11:53that you’re going through here on the
11:55Carl Vinson there’s a wealth of options
11:56available for you to go out reverse of
11:58calories and have some fun at the same
12:00time oh my gosh there’s so many so many
12:03things to do here not just only with
12:05myself it boss but also with the funbox
12:07Rebecca we offer a great variety of
12:10different things to do but on the
12:12fitness and we have at least eight
12:15classes on Monday for classes on tuesday
12:18and then we start just started our
12:20intramural sports captain’s cup starting
12:21September night the fit box has built a
12:24reputation of being the hardest-working
12:25fitness trainer in our recent history
12:27and there is one definitive reason for
12:30her motivation my mentality is i don’t i
12:32don’t believe enough and i don’t believe
12:34in giving up so those that i had for
12:35instance i had one gentleman who was on
12:38Feb and refused to do everything his
12:40push-up was basically tapping the floor
12:42with his pinky and every day he came cuz
12:45he had to so I walk up Simpson you’re
12:47doing wonderful you’re doing great keep
12:49pushing and I just smile
12:51keep filling it and keep doing it sooner
12:53or later by the third week he ended up
12:54doing push-ups but there’s no way you
12:56can break me her motivation and drive
12:58are founded with a great deal of pride
13:00and dedication to the welfare of the
13:02crew and their individual fitness goals
13:04I love being on the Carl Vincent the
13:06goal for this cycle is to get least 55
13:09to 65 percent off reduction on set and I
13:12would encourage those that are out there
13:14that are you know fitness and tail to
13:16come out and help those that might need
13:18that extra push it’s all about helping
13:19the person next to you and when we start
13:21thinking that we can only get better of
13:23all the different amenities that are
13:24available to the sailors aboard fitness
13:27programs are some that shouldn’t be
13:28overlooked come on out get active and
13:31feel the burn reporting for the seventy
13:34i’m petty officer james Guthrie that’s
13:40it for this edition of the seventy I’ve
13:41been your host MC through shanties
13:43Gonzales and on behalf of the Carl
13:45Vinson media department we thank you for
14:00he’s hearing this
14:05and love you
14:22here country
14:29i would i would like to say that I
14:35come back so try to eat up
14:52hi kuya stay safe love you
14:57I’m not safe
15:08appreciate your service we’re always
15:24praying for you come back she get you in
15:33hi babe i miss you already you’re going
15:35to do great i love you
15:37see you in Hawaii alone
15:43these things
15:48I love you without me
15:51hey v5 it’s mrs. McNair have an awesome
15:55deployment enjoy every port be nice to
15:58each other and don’t forget to take care
16:00of each other I’ll see you all in Hawaii
16:01show ds3 malta i miss you man i love
16:06so much fun out there invites we seem to
16:08take care of each other
16:10and over i love you very much i’m so
16:12proud of you
16:13waiting for your turn just enjoy the
16:15trip and do your best and
16:20they see his three moppet 10 this is mom
16:23and dad hope you have a free time out
16:25there be safe we’re proud of you and
16:27can’t wait to see you when you come back
16:29god bless hi okay hail see James
16:37have a safe trip look out for yourself
16:39out there and I’ll see you when you get
16:44I might go have a good time you’re
16:46almost there you’re close to 20 or minus
16:49to get through I’m really proud of you
16:51you’ve done a good job so keep up the
16:53good work see when you come on hi Diana
16:58boast even ten miles
17:00what have you good luck we love you I
17:03love you may have fun
17:07I’ll miss you
17:10I love you babe comes up
17:23hey trace we love you very much we know
17:26this is going to be a great trip we’re
17:27praying for you just remember it’s just
17:31another day at work and those months are
17:33going to go by super fast so I’ve been
17:35looking for your emails and lots of mail
17:37love you we love you very much grace by
17:40fine hey booboo everybody say hi take
17:45care of the up to see you soon okay we
17:49are so proud of you love you come back
17:53safe see we get back so you see a thing
18:01Johnson coming Brunswick Georgia
18:09and hope to see you soon
18:13okay fine you know way back way by there

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