MH-60S Sea Hawk (HSC 4 – Black Knights) on the CVN-70 USS Carl Vinson

MH-60S Pre-Flight Checks on the deck of the USS Carl Vinson

This shot was taken by Naval Aircrewman 1st Class Colby Whitworth, of Hickory, North Carolina, assigned to the Helicopter Sea Compat Squadron (HSC) 4 “Black Knights”. You can see the crew performing the pre-flight checkts on an MH-60S Sea Hawk Helicopter.

The USS Carl Vinson, the third Nimitz-Class supercarrier, is on a regularly scheduled Western Pacific deployment as part of the US Pacific Fleet-let initiative to extend the command and control function of the US 3rd Fleet. CVN-70 is one of the most powerful aircraft carrier in the world carrying over 90 fixed wing and helicopters such as the MH-60S.

The USS Carl Vinson is capable of speeds up to +30 knots and is operated by a crew of 6’062 people.

MH-60S on CVN-70

MH-60S doing pre-flight checks on the CVN-70

MH-60S Specifications:

Primary Function: Anti-Surface Warfare, Combat Support, Humanitarian
Contractor: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, Lockheed Martin Systems
Date Deployed: 2002
Propulsion: 2-GE T700-GE-401 (C)
Length: 64 feet, 10 inches
Height: 17 feet
Weight: 14,430 lbs (empty), 23,500 lbs (max gross)
Airspeed: 180 knots (max)
Ceiling: 13,000 feet
Range: 245 Nautical Miles
Crew: Four


The MH-60S Seahawk missions are Anti-Surface Warfare, combat support, humanitarian disaster relief, Combat Search and Rescue, aero medical evacuation, SPECWAR and organic Airborne Mine Countermeasures.


The MH-60S replaced the aging fleet of H-46D helicopters, which led to significant reductions in costs per flight hour, mission aborts, component removals, and unscheduled maintenance actions. The MH-60S with its glass cockpit incorporates active matrix liquid crystal displays, used to facilitate pilot and co-pilot vertical and horizontal situation presentations. Another major design of the MH-60S is a “common cockpit,” which is shared with the new MH-60R. This will allow a pilot to shift from one aircraft to another with minimal re-training.


Watch videos and discover all there is to know by clicking on the images below.

USS Carl Vinson CVN-70

USS Carl Vinson CVN-70         

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