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Abraham Lincoln  US NavyCVN-72NimitzSupercarrier[notes 1]1989–present104,112 tons
Acavus  Royal NavyMAC 1RapanaMerchant aircraft carrier1943–1946 [notes 2] Returned to commercial service.
Activity  Royal NavyD94Escort carrier1942–1945Freighter MV Telemachus converted during construction. Later MV Breconshire
Admiralty Islands  US NavyCVE-99CasablancaEscort carrier1944–1946
Adula  Merchant NavyMAC 2RapanaMerchant aircraft carrier1944–1946 [notes 2] Returned to commercial service.
Africa  Royal Navy Audacious/
Fleet carriern/a Audacious-class carrier ordered 1943, changed to Malta-class carrier 1944, cancelled 1945.
Akagi  IJNAkagiFleet carrier1927–1942Converted Amagi-class battlecruiser, Sunk 4 June 1942 at Midway
Akitsu Maru  IJALanding craft carrier1942–1944Couldn’t land aircraft; sunk November 1944 by USS Queenfish
Albatross  RANSeaplane tender1929–1933To Royal Navy 1933–1945. Sold for commercial use 1946, scrapped 1954
Albion  Royal NavyR07CentaurFleet carrier1954–1962Converted to commando carrier in 1962, sold 1973
Alexia  Merchant NavyMAC 3RapanaMerchant aircraft carrier1943–1945 [notes 2] Returned to commercial service
Altamaha  US NavyCVE-6BogueEscort carrier1942Became HMS Battler
Altamaha  US NavyCVE-18BogueEscort carrier1942–1946Scrapped 1961
Amagi  IJNAkagiFleet carriern/aBattlecruiser conversion scrapped after 1923 Great Kantō earthquake damage
Amagi  IJNUnryūLight fleet carrier1944–1945Sunk 29 July 1945 by aircraft
Amastra  Merchant NavyMAC 4RapanaMerchant aircraft carrier1943–1946 [notes 2] Returned to commercial service
Ameer  Royal NavyD01RulerEscort carrier1943–1946Ex-USS Baffins
America  US NavyCV-66Kitty HawkSupercarrier1965–199684,914 tons
Ancylus  Merchant NavyMAC 5RapanaMerchant aircraft carrier1943–1946 [notes 2] Returned to commercial service
Answald  Kaiserliche MarineFS IAircraft mothership1915–1919German: Flugzeugemutterschiffe (“aircraft mother ship”)[notes 3]
Antietam  US NavyCV-36 Essex/TiconderogaFleet carrier1945–19631st carrier modified with angled flight deck, 1952.
Anzio  US NavyCVE-57CasablancaEscort carrier1943–1946Ex-USS Coral Sea, renamed to reuse name for CV-43.
Aquila  Marina MilitareFleet carriern/aLiner SS Roma 1941–1943 conversion never completed, scrapped 1950s
Arbiter  Royal NavyD31RulerEscort carrier1943–1946Ex-USS St. Simon
Archer  US NavyBAVG-1Long IslandEscort carriern/aConverted cargo ship Mormacland, directly to Royal Navy as HMS Archer
Archer  Royal NavyD78Long IslandEscort carrier1941–1943Ex-USS Archer. Aircraft ferry Empire Lagan with MoWT in 1945. Returned to US 1946
Argus  Royal NavyI49Fleet carrier1918–1929Converted ocean liner. In reserve 1929–1938. Accommodation ship after December 1944.
Ark Royal  Royal NavySeaplane tender1914–1944Renamed HMS Pegasus in 1934, aircraft transport and other roles after 1918
Ark Royal  Royal Navy91Fleet carrier1939–1941Sunk by U-81 on 13 November 1941
Ark Royal  Royal NavyR09AudaciousFleet carrier1955–1978First carrier commissioned with angled deck.
Ark Royal  Royal NavyR07InvincibleSTOVL aircraft carrier1985–201122,000 tons
Arromanches  French NavyR95ColossusLight fleet carrier1946–1974Ex-HMS Colossus, loaned (later sold) to France
Aso  IJNUnryūLight fleet carriern/aLaunched in 1944, not completed, scrapped
Atheling  Royal NavyD51RulerEscort carrier1943–1946Ex-USS Glacier
Attacker  Royal NavyD02AttackerEscort carrier1942–1946ex-USS Barnes, returned to US
Attu  US NavyCVE-102CasablancaEscort carrier1944–1946
Audacity  Royal NavyD10Escort carrier1941Converted captured German merchant ship Hannover, sunk by U-751
Avenger  Royal NavyD14AvengerEscort carrier1942Sunk 15 November 1942 by U-155
Badoeng Strait  US NavyCVE-116Commencement BayEscort carrier1945–1957
Baffins  US NavyCVE-35BogueEscort carrier1942–1943Became HMS Ameer
Bairoko  US NavyCVE-115Commencement BayEscort carrier1945–1955Was in reserve
Baku  Soviet Navy103KievAircraft cruiser1982–1990 [notes 4] 42,000 tons
Barnes  US NavyCVE-7BogueEscort carrier1942Became HMS Attacker, 14,400 tons
Barnes  US NavyCVE-20BogueEscort carrier1942–1946Primarily used as aircraft transport
Bastian  US NavyCVE-37BogueEscort carrier1942Became HMS Trumpeter
Bastogne  US NavyCVE-124Commencement BayEscort carriern/aLaid down 1945, cancelled before launch
Bataan  US NavyCVL-29IndependenceLight carrier1943–195411,000 tons
Battler  Royal NavyD18AttackerEscort carrier1942–1946Ex-Altamaha. Returned to US. 14,400 tons
Béarn  French NavyFleet carrier1927–1948Converted Normandie-class battleship
Begum  Royal NavyD38RulerEscort carrier1944–1946Ex-USS Bolinas
Belleau Wood  US NavyCVL-24IndependenceLight carrier1943–1947To France as Bois Belleau, 11,000 tons
Ben-my-Chree  Royal NavySeaplane carrier1915–1917Sunk 9 January 1917 by Turkish artillery
Bennington  US NavyCV-20EssexFleet carrier1944–197027,100 tons
Bismarck Sea  US NavyCVE-95CasablancaEscort carrier1944–1945Sunk 21 February 1945 by kamikaze attack off Iwo Jima
Biter  Royal NavyD97AvengerEscort carrier1940–1945To France as Dixmude
Block Island  US NavyCVE-21BogueEscort carrier1943–1944Sunk 29 May 1944 by U-549
Block Island  US NavyCVE-106Commencement BayEscort carrier1944–1954
Bogue  US NavyCVE-9BogueEscort carrier1942–1946Stored until scrapped 1960
Bois Belleau  French NavyR97IndependenceLight carrier1953–1960Ex-USS Belleau Wood, scrapped, 11,000 tons
Bolinas  US NavyCVE-36BogueEscort carrier1943Became HMS Begum
Bon Homme Richard  US NavyCV-31EssexFleet carrier1944–197127,100 tons
Bonaventure  Royal Canadian NavyCVL-22MajesticLight carrier1957–1970Ex-incomplete HMS Powerful, scrapped 1971.
Bougainville  US NavyCVE-100CasablancaEscort carrier1944–1946
Boxer  US NavyCV-21 Essex/TiconderogaFleet carrier1945–196927,100 tons
Breton  US NavyCVE-10BogueEscort carrier1943Became HMS Chaser
Breton  US NavyCVE-23BogueEscort carrier1943–1946Aircraft transport until 1970
Bulwark  Royal NavyR08CentaurFleet carrier1954–1981Converted to commando carrier 1960
Bunker Hill  US NavyCV-17EssexFleet carrier1943–194727,100 tons
Cabot  US NavyCVL-28IndependenceLight carrier1943–1955To Spain as Dédalo, 11,000 tons
Campania  Royal NavyAircraft carrier/
seaplane tender
1915–1918Converted ocean liner RMS Campania, sunk after collision 5 November 1918
Campania  Royal NavyD48NairanaEscort carrier1944–1952Command ship for first British atomic bomb test
Campinas  French NavySeaplane tender1916–?Converted merchant ship
Cape Esperance  US NavyCVE-88CasablancaEscort carrier1944–1959
Cape Gloucester  US NavyCVE-109Commencement BayEscort carrier1945–1946Helicopter carrier from 1955 and for other uses after 1959.
Card  US NavyCVE-11BogueEscort carrier1942–1946Aircraft transport until 1970
Carl Vinson  US NavyCVN-70NimitzSupercarrier[notes 1]1982–present104,000 tons
Carnegie  US NavyCVE-38BogueEscort carrier1943Became HMS Empress
Casablanca  US NavyCVE-55CasablancaEscort carrier1943–1946
Cavour  Marina Militare550STOVL aircraft carrier2008–present[notes 5]
Chakri Naruebet  Royal Thai Navy911Príncipe de AsturiasSTOVL aircraft carrier1997–present
Charger  US NavyCVE-30ChargerEscort carrier1942–1946
Charles De Gaulle  French NavyR91Fleet carrier[notes 1]2001–present42,000 tons
Chaser  Royal NavyD32AttackerEscort carrier1943–1946Ex-USS Breton, returned to US and converted to cargo ship.
Chatham  US NavyCVE-32BogueEscort carrier1943Became HMS Slinger
Chenango  US NavyCVE-28SangamonEscort carrier1942–1946Converted Cimarron-class oiler
Chigusa Maru  IJAEscort carriern/aConverted oiler launched 1944, not completed, became cargo ship 1949.
Chitose  IJNChitoseSeaplane tender/
Light carrier
1938–1944Converted to light carrier 1942–1944, Sunk 25 October 1944 off Leyte Gulf.
Chiyoda  IJNChitoseSeaplane tender/
Light carrier
1938–1944Converted 1943, Sunk 25 October 1944 off Leyte Gulf.
Chuyo  IJNTaiyōEscort carrier1942–1943Converted from Nitta Maru, sunk by USS Sailfish 4 December 1943
Clemenceau  French NavyR98ClemenceauFleet carrier1961–199732,780 tons
Colossus  Royal NavyR15ColossusLight fleet carrier1944–1946Loaned (later sold) to France as Arromanches
Commandant Teste  French NavySeaplane tender/
aircraft transport
Commencement Bay  US NavyCVE-105Commencement BayEscort carrier1944–1946Training ship, reclassified as helicopter carrier, scrapped after 1971
Constellation  US NavyCV-64Kitty HawkSupercarrier1961–2003
Copahee  US NavyCVE-12BogueEscort carrier1942–1946
Coral Sea  US NavyCVE-57CasablancaEscort carrier1943–1946Became USS Anzio to re-use the name for CV-43.
Coral Sea  US NavyCVB-43MidwayFleet carrier1947–1990
Cordova  US NavyCVE-39BogueEscort carrier1943Became HMS Khedive
Core  US NavyCVE-13BogueEscort carrier1942–1946
Corregidor  US NavyCVE-58CasablancaEscort carrier1943–1958Assigned to MSTS Military Sea Transport Service, 1951 – 1958
Courageous  Royal Navy50CourageousFleet carrier1928–1939Converted battlecruiser. Sunk by U-29, 17 September 1939
Cowpens  US NavyCVL-25IndependenceLight carrier1943–194711,000 tons
Croatan  US NavyCVE-14BogueEscort carrier1943Became HMS Fencer
Croatan  US NavyCVE-25BogueEscort carrier1943–1946
Dasher  Royal NavyD37AvengerEscort carrier1942–1943Sunk 27 March 1943 following explosion of unknown cause.
Dédalo  Spanish NavySeaplane tender1918–1936Ex-German merchantman Neuenfels converted to a seaplane tender, scrapped 1940
Dédalo  Spanish NavyIndependenceLight carrier1967–1989Ex-USS Cabot, Scrapped 2002, 11,000 tons
Delgada  US NavyCVE-40BogueEscort carrier1943Became HMS Speaker
Dixmude  French NavyChargerEscort carrier1945–1966ex-HMS Biter
Dristigheten  Swedish NavySeaplane tender1928–1947Converted coastal defence ship, 2,270 tons
Duke of Edinburgh  Royal NavyCVA-01Fleet carriern/aPlanned 1960s fleet carrier, but never ordered.
Dwight D. Eisenhower  US NavyCVN-69NimitzSupercarrier[notes 1]1977–present104,000 tons
Eagle  Royal Navy94Fleet carrier1924–1942converted Ex-Chilean Almirante Latorre-class battleship. Sunk by U-73, 11 August 1942
Eagle  Royal NavyR05AudaciousFleet carrier1951–1972
Edisto  US NavyCVE-41BogueEscort carrier1943Became HMS Nabob
Emperor  Royal NavyD98RulerEscort carrier1943–1946Ex-USS Pybus
Empire MacAlpine  Merchant NavyMHEmpireMerchant aircraft carrier1943–1945 [notes 6] Returned to commercial service
Empire MacAndrew  Merchant NavyMKEmpireMerchant aircraft carrier1943–1945 [notes 6] Returned to commercial service
Empire MacCabe  Merchant NavyMLEmpireMerchant aircraft carrier1943–1945 [notes 2] Returned to commercial service
Empire MacCallum  Merchant NavyMNEmpireMerchant aircraft carrier1943–1945 [notes 6] Returned to commercial service
Empire MacColl  Merchant NavyMBEmpireMerchant aircraft carrier1943–1945 [notes 2] Returned to commercial service
Empire MacDermott  Merchant NavyMSEmpireMerchant aircraft carrier1944–1945 [notes 6] Returned to commercial service
Empire MacKay  Merchant NavyMHEmpireMerchant aircraft carrier1943–1945 [notes 2] Returned to commercial service
Empire MacKendrick  Merchant NavyMOEmpireMerchant aircraft carrier1943–1945 [notes 6] Returned to commercial service
Empire MacMahon  Merchant NavyMJEmpireMerchant aircraft carrier1943–1945 [notes 2] Returned to commercial service
Empire MacRae  Merchant NavyMUEmpireMerchant aircraft carrier1943–1945 [notes 6] Returned to commercial service
Empress  Royal NavyD42RulerEscort carrier1943–1946Ex-USS Carnegie
Eniwetok  US NavyCVE-125Commencement BayEscort carriern/aKeel laid April 1945, cancelled before launch
Enterprise  US NavyCV-6YorktownFleet carrier1938–1947
Enterprise  US NavyCVN-65EnterpriseSupercarrier[notes 1]1961–2012First nuclear-powered carrier
Enterprise  US NavyCVN-80Gerald R. FordSupercarrier[notes 1]n/aCommissioning 2025.
Essex  US NavyCV-9EssexFleet carrier1942–1969
Estero  US NavyCVE-42BogueEscort carrier1943Became HMS Premier
Europa  KriegsmarineAircraft carriern/aCancelled conversion of ocean liner
Europa  Marina MilitareSeaplane tender1915–1920Converted merchantman
Fanshaw Bay  US NavyCVE-70CasablancaEscort carrier1943–1946
Fencer  Royal NavyD64AttackerEscort carrier1943–1946Ex-USS Croatan
Flugzeugträger B  KriegsmarineGraf ZeppelinFleet carriern/aStarted 1938, cancelled 1939, scrapped 1940
Foch  French NavyR99ClemenceauFleet carrier1963–2000sold to Brazil as São Paulo
Formidable  Royal Navy67IllustriousFleet carrier1940–1947
Forrestal  US NavyCV-59ForrestalSupercarrier1955–1993First supercarrier
Foudre  French NavySeaplane carrier1912–1921First seaplane carrier
Franklin  US NavyCV-13EssexFleet carrier1944–1947Badly damaged March 1945
Franklin D. Roosevelt  US NavyCVB-42MidwayFleet carrier1945–1977
Furious  Royal Navy47CourageousFleet carrier1917–1945Converted battlecruiser, scrapped 1948
Gadila  Merchant NavyMAC 6RapanaMerchant aircraft carrier1944–1946 [notes 2] Returned to commercial service
Gambier Bay  US NavyCVE-73CasablancaEscort carrier1943–1944Sunk by Japanese gunfire at Battle of Leyte Gulf 25 October 1944
George H.W. Bush  US NavyCVN-77NimitzSupercarrier[notes 1]2009–present104,000 tons
George Washington  US NavyCVN-73NimitzSupercarrier[notes 1]1992–present104,000 tons
Gerald R. Ford  US NavyCVN-78Gerald R. FordSupercarrier[notes 1]n/aUnder construction, commissioning in 2016 (Tentative)
Gibraltar  Royal NavyD68MaltaFleet carriern/aCancelled 5 November 1945
Gilbert Islands  US NavyCVE-107Commencement BayEscort carrier1945–1955Converted to communication relay ship USS Annapolis
Giuseppe Garibaldi  Marina Militare551STOVL aircraft carrier1983–present
Giuseppe Miraglia  Marina MilitareSeaplane tender1923–1950Scrapped
Glacier  US NavyCVE-33BogueEscort carrier1943Became HMS Atheling
Glorious  Royal Navy77CourageousFleet carrier1930–1940Converted battlecruiser. Sunk by Scharnhorst and Gneisenau 8 June 1940
Glory  Royal NavyR62ColossusLight fleet carrier1943–1956Placed in reserve, scrapped 1961
Gorshkov[notes 7]  Russian NavyKievFleet carrier1987–1996 [notes 4] 44,490 tons
Gotland  Swedish NavySeaplane cruiser1934–19444,600 ton seaplane tender. AA cruiser from 1944. Scrapped 1963
Graf Zeppelin  KriegsmarineGraf ZeppelinFleet carriern/aLaunched 1938, hulk captured by USSR April 1945, sunk as target 1947
Guadalcanal  US NavyCVE-60CasablancaEscort carrier1943–1946Captured U-505, 7,800 tons
Hamlin  US NavyCVE-15BogueEscort carrier1942Became HMS Stalker
Hancock  US NavyCV-19 Essex/TiconderogaFleet carrier1944–197627,100 tons
Harry S. Truman  US NavyCVN-75NimitzSupercarrier[notes 1]1998–present104,000 tons
Hermes  Royal Navy95Fleet carrier1924–1942First purpose built carrier launched. Sunk 9 April 1942 by Japanese aircraft, 10,850 tons
Hermes  Royal NavyR12CentaurFleet carrier1959–1984to India as INS Viraat
Hiryū  IJNFleet carrier1939–1942Sunk at Midway
Hiyō  IJNHiyōFleet carrier1942–1944Converted from Izumo Maru, sunk at Battle of the Philippine Sea
Hoggatt Bay  US NavyCVE-75CasablancaEscort carrier1944–1946
Hollandia  US NavyCVE-97CasablancaEscort carrier1944–1947
Hornet  US NavyCV-8YorktownFleet carrier1941–1942Sunk in Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands. 25,600 tons
Hornet  US NavyCV-12EssexFleet carrier1943–1970Museum at Alameda, CA. 27,100 tons
Hōshō  IJNFleet carrier1922–1946Repatriated Japanese POWs, then scrapped
Hunter  Royal NavyD80AttackerEscort carrier1943–1945
Hyūga  IJNBattleship seaplane carrier1943–1945Converted to launch up to 22 aircraft. Run aground 28 July 1945
Ibuki  IJNLight carriern/aLaunched 1943, not completed, scrapped 1947.
Ikoma  IJNUnryūLight carrier1944–1945Sunk in Kure dockyard 24 July 1945
Illustrious  Royal Navy87IllustriousFleet carrier1940–195423,000 tons
Illustrious  Royal NavyR06InvincibleSTOVL aircraft carrier1982–201420,600 tons
Implacable  Royal NavyR86ImplacableFleet carrier1944–1954
Indefatigable  Royal NavyR10ImplacableFleet carrier1944–1946
Independence  US NavyCVL-22IndependenceLight carrier1943–194611,000 tons
Independence  US NavyCV-62ForrestalSupercarrier1959–199881,100 tons
Independencia  Argentine NavyV-1ColossusLight fleet carrier1958–1970 [notes 8] 18,300 tons
Indomitable  Royal Navy92IllustriousFleet carrier1941–195323,100 tons
Intrepid  US NavyCV-11EssexFleet carrier1943–1974Museum in New York City. 27,100 tons
Invincible  Royal NavyR05InvincibleSTOVL aircraft carrier1980–200520,600 tons
Ise  IJNBattleship aircraft carrier1943–1945Converted to carry 22 aircraft. Sunk 28 July 1945 in shallow water.
Iwo Jima  US NavyCV-46EssexFleet carriern/aKeel laid but cancelled August 1945 and scrapped. 27,100 tons
Izumo  JMSDFDDH-183IzumoHelicopter destroyer2015–presentDesign allows for aircraft operations[1]
Jamaica  US NavyCVE-43BogueEscort carrier1943Became HMS Shah
Joffre  French NavyJoffreFleet carriern/aUnder construction 1938–1940 but not completed
John C. Stennis  US NavyCVN-74NimitzSupercarrier[notes 1]1995–present104,000 tons
John F. Kennedy  US NavyCV-67Modified Kitty Hawk/John F. KennedySupercarrier1968–200782,655 tons
John F. Kennedy  US NavyCVN-79Gerald R. FordSupercarrier[notes 1]n/aUnder construction, commissioning 2020
Juan Carlos I  Spanish NavyL61Juan Carlos ISTOVL amphibious warfare ship2010–present
Junyō  IJNHiyōFleet carrier1942–1946Converted ocean liner Kashiwara Maru, scrapped
Kadashan Bay  US NavyCVE-76CasablancaEscort carrier1944–1946
Kaga  IJNFleet carrier1928–1942Converted Tosa-class battleship. Sunk at Midway, 38,200 tons
Kaiyo  IJNEscort carrier1943–1945Converted liner Argentina Maru, sunk, Beppu Bay 24 July 1945. 13,600 tons
Kalinin Bay  US NavyCVE-68CasablancaEscort carrier1943–1946
Karel Doorman Koninklijke MarineQH1NairanaEscort carrier1946–1948ex-HMS Nairana
Karel Doorman  Koninklijke MarineR81ColossusLight fleet carrier1948–1968[notes 9]
Kasaan Bay  US NavyCVE-69CasablancaEscort carrier1943–1946Reclassified as a helicopter carrier.
Kasagi  IJNUnryūLight carriern/aLaunched 1944 but not complete at war’s end and scrapped.
Katsuragi  IJNUnryūFleet carriern/aLaunched 1944 but not complete at war’s end and scrapped.
Kearsarge  US NavyCV-33 Essex/TiconderogaFleet carrier1946–197027,100 tons
Keweenaw  US NavyCVE-44BogueEscort carrier1943Became HMS Patroller
Khedive  Royal NavyD62RulerEscort carrier1943Ex-USS Cordova
Kiev  Soviet Navy075KievSTOVL aircraft carrier1972–1993Sold 1996, since 2004 an attraction at Tianjin Binhai theme park in China
Kitkun Bay  US NavyCVE-71CasablancaEscort carrier1943–1946
Kitty Hawk  US NavyCV-63Kitty HawkSupercarrier1961–200980,000 tons
Kula Gulf  US NavyCVE-108Commencement BayEscort carrier1945–1969In reserve twice
Kumano Maru  IJALanding craft carrier1945Scrapped 1948 after repatriating Japanese POWs
Kuznetsov[notes 10]  Russian Navy063/113KuznetsovFleet carrier1991–present [notes 11] 55,200 tons
Kwajalein  US NavyCVE-98CasablancaEscort carrier1944–1946
La Fayette  French NavyR96IndependenceLight carrier1951–1963Ex-USS Langley, 11,000 tons
Lake Champlain  US NavyCV-39 Essex/TiconderogaFleet carrier1945–196627,100 tons
Langley  US NavyCV-1Light carrier/
seaplane tender
1922–1942Scuttled 27 February 1942 after damaged by dive bombers. 11,500 tons
Langley  US NavyCVL-27IndependenceLight carrier1943–1947To France as La Fayette. 11,000 tons
Leningrad  Soviet Navy109MoskvaHelicopter Carrier1968–1991
Lexington  US NavyCV-2LexingtonFleet carrier1927–1942Sunk by enemy action on 8 May 1942 during Battle of the Coral Sea. 33,000 tons
Lexington  US NavyCV-16EssexFleet carrier1943–199127,100 tons, museum ship in Corpus Christi, Texas
Leyte  US NavyCV-32 Essex/TiconderogaFleet carrier1946–195927,100 tons
Liaoning  PLA Navy16KuznetsovAircraft carrier2012–present [notes 12][2] 66,000 to 67,500 tons
Lingayen  US NavyCVE-126Commencement BayEscort carriern/aLaid down May 1945 but cancelled before launch.
Liscome Bay  US NavyCVE-56CasablancaEscort carrier1943Sunk by I-175 24 November 1943
Long Island  US NavyCVE-1Long IslandEscort carrier1941–1946
Lunga Point  US NavyCVE-94CasablancaEscort carrier1944–1946
Macoma.  Merchant NavyMAC 7RapanaMerchant aircraft carrier1944–1946 [notes 2] Returned to commercial service
Magnificent  RCNCVL-21MajesticLight carrier1948–1956To Royal Navy in reserve 1957; stricken 1965, scrapped
Makassar Strait  US NavyCVE-91CasablancaEscort carrier1944–1946
Makin Island  US NavyCVE-93CasablancaEscort carrier1944–1946
Malta  Royal NavyD93MaltaFleet carriern/aCancelled December 1945.
Manila Bay  US NavyCVE-61CasablancaEscort carrier1943–1946
Manxman  Royal NavySeaplane carrier1916–1919[notes 3]
Marcus Island  US NavyCVE-77CasablancaEscort carrier1944–1946
Matanikau  US NavyCVE-101CasablancaEscort carrier1944–1946
Melbourne  RANR21MajesticLight carrier1955–1982
Midway  US NavyCVE-63CasablancaEscort carrier1943–1944Renamed USS St. Lo to free name for CV-41
Midway  US NavyCVB-41MidwayFleet carrier1945–1992Museum in San Diego, CA, 74,000 tons
Minas Gerais  Brazilian NavyA11ColossusLight fleet carrier1960–2001[notes 13]
Mindoro  US NavyCVE-120Commencement BayEscort carrier1945–1955Reclassified for other uses.
Minsk  Soviet Navy025/011KievSTOVL aircraft carrier1978–1993Towed to PRC in 1998 as tourist attraction
Miralda  Merchant NavyMAC 8RapanaMerchant aircraft carrier1944–1946 [notes 2] Returned to commercial service
Mission Bay  US NavyCVE-59CasablancaEscort carrier1943–1958
Monterey  US NavyCVL-26IndependenceLight carrier1943–1956
Moskva  Soviet Navy841MoskvaHelicopter carrier1967–1998Scrapped
Munda  US NavyCVE-104CasablancaEscort carrier1944–1946
Nabob  Royal NavyD77BogueEscort carrier1943–1944Ex-USS Edisto to UK with Canadian crew. Converted to freighter, scrapped 1977
Nairana  Royal NavyAircraft carrier/
seaplane carrier
1917–1921[notes 3]
Nairana  Royal NavyD05NairanaEscort carrier1943–1946To Netherlands as HNLMS Karel Doorman
Nassau  US NavyCVE-16BogueEscort carrier1942–1946
Natoma Bay  US NavyCVE-62CasablancaEscort carrier1943–1946
Nehenta Bay  US NavyCVE-74CasablancaEscort carrier1944–1946
New Zealand  Royal NavyD43MaltaFleet carriern/aCancelled December 1945
Niantic  US NavyCVE-46BogueEscort carrier1943Became HMS Ranee
Nigitsu Maru  IJAAkitsu MaruLanding craft carrier1943–1944Sunk 12 January 1944
Nimitz  US NavyCVN-68NimitzSupercarrier[notes 1]1975–present104,000 tons
Nord  French NavySeaplane tender1916–1919[notes 3]
Novorossiysk  Soviet Navy137KievSTOVL aircraft carrier1978–Scrapped 1997
Ocean  Royal NavyR68ColossusLight fleet carrier1945Scrapped 1962
Ocean  Royal NavyL12Helicopter Carrier1998–present21,500 tons
Okinawa  US NavyCVE-127Commencement BayEscort carriern/aLaid down 1945, cancelled before launch
Ommaney Bay  US NavyCVE-79CasablancaEscort carrier1944–1945Sunk by kamikaze aircraft 4 January 1945.
Oriskany  US NavyCV-34EssexFleet carrier1950–1975Florida artificial reef in 2006. 27,100 tons
Painlevé  French NavyJoffreFleet carriern/aPlanned for 1938, never laid down
Palau  US NavyCVE-122Commencement BayEscort carrier1946–1954
Pas-de-Calais  French NavySeaplane tender1915–1919[notes 3]
Patroller  Royal NavyD07BogueEscort carrier1943–1947Ex-USS Keweenaw, returned to US 1946
Pegasus  Royal NavyAircraft carrier/
seaplane carrier
1917–1925Scrapped 1931
Perdido  US NavyCVE-47BogueEscort carrier1943–1944Became HMS Trouncer
Petrof Bay  US NavyCVE-80CasablancaEscort carrier1944–1946
PH 75  French Navyamphibious assault ship[notes 1]n/aPlanned 1970s, not started.
Philippine Sea  US NavyCV-47 Essex/TiconderogaFleet carrier1946–1958
Point Cruz  US NavyCVE-119Commencement BayEscort carrier1945–1956In reserve. Reclassified for other uses.
Powerful  Royal NavyR95MajesticLight carriern/aCompleted for Canada as HMCS Bonaventure
Premier  Royal NavyD23BogueEscort carrier1943Ex-USS Estero
Prince  US NavyCVE-45BogueEscort carrier1943–Became HMS Rajah
Prince of Wales  Royal NavyR09Queen ElizabethSTOVL supercarriern/aUnder construction, commissioning 2018
Prince William  US NavyCVE-19BogueEscort carrier1943Became HMS Striker
Prince William  US NavyCVE-31BogueEscort carrier1943–1946
Princeton  US NavyCVL-23IndependenceLight carrier1943–1944Sunk 24 October 1944 at Leyte Gulf
Princeton  US NavyCV-37 Essex/TiconderogaFleet carrier1945–1970
Principe de Asturias  Spanish NavyR-11Príncipe de AsturiasSTOVL aircraft carrier1988–2013
Puget Sound  US NavyCVE-113Commencement BayEscort carrier1945–1946Reclassified for other uses.
Puncher  Royal NavyD79BogueEscort carrier1944–1946Ex-USS Willapa, crewed by Canadians.
Pursuer  Royal NavyD73BogueEscort carrier1942–1946Ex-USS St. George, scrapped
Pybus  US NavyCVE-34BogueEscort carrier1943Became HMS Emperor
Queen  Royal NavyD19BogueEscort carrier1943–1947ex-USS St. Andrews
Queen Elizabeth  Royal NavyCVA-01Fleet carriern/aAnnounced 1963, cancelled 1966 before work started.
Queen Elizabeth  Royal NavyR08Queen ElizabethSTOVL supercarriern/aUnder construction, commissioning 2016
Rabaul  US NavyCVE-121Commencement BayEscort carriern/aDelivered August 1946, not commissioned. Reclassified for other uses.
Rajah  Royal NavyD10BogueEscort carrier1943–1947Ex-USS Prince
Randolph  US NavyCV-15 Essex/TiconderogaFleet carrier1944–196927,100 tons
Ranee  Royal NavyD03BogueEscort carrier1943–1947Ex-USS Niantic
Ranger  US NavyCV-4Fleet carrier1934–194614,500 tons
Ranger  US NavyCV-61ForrestalSupercarrier1957–199381,100 tons
Rapana  Royal NavyMAC 9RapanaMerchant aircraft carrier1942–1946 [notes 2] Returned to commercial service
Ravager  Royal NavyD70BogueEscort carrier1943–1946Used as training carrier
Regele Carol I  Romanian Naval ForcesSeaplane carrier1917–1919Romanian liner with a displacement of 2,369 tons and a top speed of 18 knots, served with the Russian Imperial Navy as a seaplane carrier armed with six 152 mm guns and four 75 mm guns and able to carry 4 seaplanes,[3]returned to Romania sometime during 1917–1919,[4] sunk as auxiliary minelayer on 10 October 1941[5]
Rendova  US NavyCVE-114Commencement BayEscort carrier1945–1955In reserve. Reclassified for other uses.
Reprisal  US NavyCV-35EssexFleet carriern/aStarted 1944, cancelled 1945. 27,100 tons
Roi  US NavyCVE-103CasablancaEscort carrier1944–1946
Ronald Reagan  US NavyCVN-76NimitzSupercarrier[notes 1]2003–present104,000-tons
Rouen  French NavySeaplane tender1916–1917[notes 3]
Rudyerd Bay  US NavyCVE-81CasablancaEscort carrier1944–1946
Ruler  Royal NavyD72BogueEscort carrier1943–1946ex-USS St. Joseph for lend-lease
Ryūhō  IJNLight carrier1942–1945Converted sub tender Taigei. Severely damage by aircraft March 1945 not repaired
Ryūjō  IJNLight carrier1933–1942Sunk by aircraft during Battle of the Eastern Solomons
Sable  US NavyIX-81Training carrier1943–1945Converted paddle steamer Greater Buffalo for training on the Great Lakes.
Saginaw Bay  US NavyCVE-82CasablancaEscort carrier1944–1946
Saidor  US NavyCVE-117Commencement BayEscort carrier1945–1947Reclassified for other uses.
Saipan  US NavyCVL-48SaipanLight carrier1946–1965
Salamaua  US NavyCVE-96CasablancaEscort carrier1944–1946
Salerno Bay  US NavyCVE-110Commencement BayEscort carrier1945–1954In reserve. Reclassified for other uses 1959.
San Jacinto  US NavyCVL-30IndependenceLight carrier1943–1947
Sangamon  US NavyCVE-26SangamonEscort carrier1942–1945Converted Cimarron-class oiler
Santa Elena  Kaiserliche MarineFS IIAircraft mothership1915–1919German: Flugzeugemutterschiffe (“aircraft mother ship”)[notes 3]
Santee  US NavyCVE-29SangamonEscort carrier1942–1946Converted Cimarron-class oiler
São Paulo  Brazilian NavyA12ClemenceauFleet carrier2000–presentEx-Foch, currently refitting
Saratoga  US NavyCV-3LexingtonFleet carrier1927–1946Expended as a target ship in the 1946 Bikini atomic bomb tests.
Saratoga  US NavyCV-60ForrestalSupercarrier1956–199481,100 tons
Sargent Bay  US NavyCVE-83CasablancaEscort carrier1944–1946
Savo Island  US NavyCVE-78CasablancaEscort carrier1944–1946
Searcher  Royal NavyD40BogueEscort carrier1943–1945Returned to US Navy
Shah  Royal NavyD21BogueEscort carrier1943–1946Ex-USS Jamaica
Shamrock Bay  US NavyCVE-84CasablancaEscort carrier1944–1946
Shangri-La  US NavyCV-38 Essex/TiconderogaFleet carrier1944–1971
Shimane Maru  IJAShimane MaruEscort carriern/a1945 conversion of Shimane Maru oiler for Army but war ended.
Shinano  IJNFleet carrier1944Converted Yamato-class battleship. Sunk by USS Archerfish 29 November 1944.
Shinyo  IJNEscort carrier1943–1944Converted German liner SS Scharnhorst, sunk by USS Spadefish on 17 November 1944.
Shipley Bay  US NavyCVE-85CasablancaEscort carrier1944–1946
Shōhō  IJNZuihōLight carrier1941–1942Sunk by aircraft at Coral Sea
Shōkaku  IJNShōkakuFleet carrier1941–1944Sunk by USS Cavalla 19 June 1944
Siboney  US NavyCVE-112Commencement BayEscort carrier1945–1956Scrapped 1971
Sicily  US NavyCVE-118Commencement BayEscort carrier1945–1954
Sitkoh Bay  US NavyCVE-86CasablancaEscort carrier1944–1946
Slinger  Royal NavyD26BogueEscort carrier1943–1946Ex-USS Chatham
Smiter  Royal NavyD55BogueEscort carrier1944–1946Ex-USS Vermillion
Solomons  US NavyCVE-67CasablancaEscort carrier1943–1946
Sōryū  IJNFleet carrier1937–1942Sunk at Midway 4 June 1942
Sparviero  Marina MilitareAircraft carriern/aLiner MS Augustus Conversion began 1942, scuttled 1944, scrapped 1952
Speaker  Royal NavyD90BogueEscort carrier1943–1946ex-USS Delgada
St. Andrews  US NavyCVE-49BogueEscort carrier1943Became HMS Queen
St. George  US NavyCVE-17BogueEscort carrier1943Became HMS Pursuer
St. Joseph  US NavyCVE-50BogueEscort carrier1943Became HMS Ruler
St. Lo  US NavyCVE-63CasablancaEscort carrier1944Ex-USS Midway, renamed to use name for CV-41. Sunk by kamikaze aircraft 25 October 1944.
St. Simon  US NavyCVE-51BogueEscort carrier1943Became HMS Arbiter
Stalker  Royal NavyD91BogueEscort carrier1942–1945Ex-USS Hamlin
Steamer Bay  US NavyCVE-87CasablancaEscort carrier1944–1947
Striker  Royal NavyD12BogueEscort carrier1943–1946ex-USS Prince William
Sunset  US NavyCVE-48BogueEscort carrier1943Became HMS Thane
Suwannee  US NavyCVE-27SangamonEscort carrier1942–1946Converted Cimarron-class oiler
Sydney  RANR17MajesticLight carrier1948–1958ex-HMS Terrible completed for Australian Navy. 1962 – 1973 recommissioned as a Troop Transport
Taihō  IJNTaihōFleet carrier1944Sunk in the Battle of the Philippine Sea, 19 June 1944
Taiyō  IJNTaiyōEscort carrier1941–1944Converted ocean liner Kasuga Maru. Sunk by USS Rasher 18 August 1944
Takanis Bay  US NavyCVE-89CasablancaEscort carrier1944–1946
Tarawa  US NavyCV-40 Essex/TiconderogaFleet carrier1945–1960
Tbilisi  Soviet Navy113KuznetsovAircraft cruisern/a[notes 11]
Terrible  Royal NavyR93MajesticLight carriern/aCompleted as HMAS Sydney
Thane  Royal NavyD48BogueEscort carrier1943–1945Ex-USS Sunset, scrapped
Theodore Roosevelt  US NavyCVN-71NimitzSupercarrier[notes 1]1986–present104,000 tons
Thetis Bay  US NavyCVE-90CasablancaEscort carrier1944–1964Became assault helicopter attack carrier in 1955
Ticonderoga  US NavyCV-14 Essex/TiconderogaFleet carrier1944–1973
Tinian  US NavyCVE-123Commencement BayEscort carriern/aAccepted 1946, never commissioned
Tracker  Royal NavyD24BogueEscort carrier1943–1946Became merchant ship Corrientes, scrapped 1964.
Tripoli  US NavyCVE-64CasablancaEscort carrier1943–1958Assigned to MSTS (Military Sea Transport Service), 1951–1958
Trouncer  Royal NavyD85BogueEscort carrier1944–1946Ex-USS Perdido
Trumpeter  Royal NavyD09BogueEscort carrier1943–1946Ex-USS Bastian
Tulagi  US NavyCVE-72CasablancaEscort carrier1943–1946
Ulyanovsk  Soviet NavyUlyanovskSupercarriern/aStarted 1988, work stopped, scrapped 1992. Sister ship likely planned.
Unicorn  Royal NavyI72Light aircraft carrier
aircraft repair ship
1941–1953In reserve 1946–1949
United States  US NavyCVA-58United StatesSupercarriern/aKeel laid down April 18, 1949. Ship cancelled April 23, 1949. 68,000 tons
Unnamed (CV-44)  US NavyCV-44MidwayFleet carriern/aCancelled January 11, 1943 to resume building Essex class. 45,000 tons
Unnamed (CV-50)  US NavyCV-50 Essex/TiconderogaFleet carriern/aTo have been built by Fore River. Cancelled March 28, 1945.
Unnamed (CV-51)  US NavyCV-51 Essex/TiconderogaFleet carriern/aTo have been built by Brooklyn Navy Yard. Cancelled March 28, 1945.
Unnamed (CV-52)  US NavyCV-52 Essex/TiconderogaFleet carriern/aTo have been built by Brooklyn Navy Yard. Cancelled March 28, 1945.
Unnamed (CV-53)  US NavyCV-53 Essex/TiconderogaFleet carriern/aTo have been built by Philadelphia Navy Yard. Cancelled March 28, 1945.
Unnamed (CV-54)  US NavyCV-54 Essex/TiconderogaFleet carriern/aTo have been built by Norfolk Navy Yard. Cancelled March 28, 1945.
Unnamed (CV-55)  US NavyCV-55 Essex/TiconderogaFleet carriern/aTo have been built by Norfolk Navy Yard. Cancelled March 28, 1945.
Unnamed (CVB-56)  US NavyCVB-56MidwayFleet carriern/aCancelled March 28, 1945.
Unnamed (CVB-57)  US NavyCVB-57MidwayFleet carriern/aCancelled March 28, 1945.
Unryū  IJNUnryūFleet carrier1944Sunk by USS Redfish on 19 December 1944
Unyo  IJNTaiyōEscort carrier1942–1944Sunk by USS Barb 17 September 1944
Valley Forge  US NavyCV-45 Essex/TiconderogaFleet carrier1946–1970
Varyag  Soviet NavyKuznetsovAircraft carriern/a[notes 12]
Veinticinco de Mayo  Argentine NavyV-2ColossusLight fleet carrier1968–1997 [notes 9]19,900 tons
Vella Gulf  US NavyCVE-111Commencement BayEscort carrier1945–1946Helicopter carrier in 1955, later cargo ship and aircraft ferry.
Venerable  Royal NavyR63ColossusLight fleet carrier1945–1947[notes 9]
Vengeance  Royal NavyR71ColossusLight fleet carrier1945–1952[notes 13]
Vengeance  RANR71ColossusLight fleet carrier1952–1955 [notes 13] On loan from the Royal Navy
Verdun  French NavyAttack carriern/aCancelled during development in 1961
Vermillion  US NavyCVE-52BogueEscort carrier1943–1944Became HMS Smiter
Victorious  Royal NavyR38IllustriousFleet carrier1941–196829,000 tons
Vikramaditya  Indian NavyR33KievAircraft carrier2013–present [notes 4] commissioned Nov 16th 2013
Vikrant  Indian NavyR11MajesticLight fleet carrier1961–1997Ex-HMS Hercules completed for India. Scrapped 2014.
Vikrant  Indian NavyIAC-IVikrantAircraft carriern/aConventional power, launched 2013, commissioning 2018. 40,000 tons
Vindex  Royal NavyAircraft carrier/
seaplane carrier
1915–1920[notes 3]
Vindex  Royal NavyD15NairanaEscort carrier1943–1947To commercial service as Port Vindex, scrapped 1971
Viraat  Indian NavyR22CentaurFleet carrier1987–presentex-HMS Hermes. World’s oldest active carrier. 28,700 tons
Wake Island  US NavyCVE-65CasablancaEscort carrier1943–1946
Warrior  RCNR31ColossusLight fleet carrier1946–1948[notes 8]
Warrior  Royal NavyR31ColossusLight fleet carrier1945–1946[notes 8]
Wasp  US NavyCV-7WaspLight carrier1940–1942Sunk 15 September 1942. 14,700 tons
Wasp  US NavyCV-18EssexFleet carrier1943–197227,100 tons
Weser  KriegsmarineAircraft carriern/aConversion of Seydlitz, cancelled 1943
White Plains  US NavyCVE-66CasablancaEscort carrier1943–1946
Willapa  US NavyCVE-53BogueEscort carrier1943–1944Became HMS Puncher
Windham Bay  US NavyCVE-92CasablancaEscort carrier1944–1959In reserve 1946–1950
Winjah  US NavyCVE-54BogueEscort carriern/aBecame HMS Reaper
Wolverine  US NavyIX-64Training carrier1942–1945Converted paddle-wheel steamer.
Wright  US NavyCVL-49SaipanLight carrier1947–197014,500 tons
Yamashiro Maru  IJAEscort carrier1945Sunk by aircraft 17 February 1945
Yorktown  US NavyCV-5YorktownAircraft carrier1937–1942Sunk 7 June 1942 at Midway after air and sub attacks.
Yorktown  US NavyCV-10EssexFleet carrier1943–1970Museum at Mount Pleasant, SC
Zuihō  IJNZuihōLight carrier1940–1944Converted high-speed oiler Takasaki, sunk by aircraft at Leyte Gulf 25 October 1944
Zuikaku  IJNShōkakuFleet carrier1941–1944Sunk by aircraft at Leyte Gulf 25 October 1944